Technology Walk So Fast

Posted by Hari Sobri

Technology Walk So Fast

Reading-read articles and organize the files you have downloaded and stored on the hard drive. That's what I had done and turned out after retrospect I feel that technology is running so fast and maybe even not only walking but it was running and kept running from day to day. Had just learned of this, some time later another technology has emerged. Probably a fairly rapid technological change is in the field of information technology and telecommunications.

Just imagine, if you are a hobby people with technology, just wrote a month ago you bought it and gagdet in the next month is another emerging gagdet tempting tastes to be owned. If you have money and are happy with the goods and such a lifestyle so be it only if you want to keep them running. But try to contemplate, emang will continue to live like that. Until when? Try your own reflection?

On the other hand, you are working or involved in the information technology world will be confronted with a variety of technology options that you can control and choose as you wish. It is not possible you can become a master in all areas and in fact is not seen you become so expert that you claim to have expertise in many areas. Let's say you are an expert in the field of networking and web programming and you are also experts in the field of forensic science. It strange too?

Although not ruled out but such skills are rarely those who have it. Actually you only need to choose one and tekuni it until you become a Master in the relevant fields so that when the field was mentioned then your name is to be remembered. Suppose you an expert in the field of Networking Security, then when the people around you want to find the energy to maintain the security of your network then the name is to be included in their list.

The point is not greedy deh not want all fields to master. If you are confident and able yes please do but if I own the hell wants to be master in one area. Become a Master in one area is still difficult especially wrote a master in many fields at once. Once again if you want (and can) yes please do!

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