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You, who used to come here and been blogging may need to read again ga written below. But it starts with one question from my friend, "What the hell is the point of having blog?" then I began to arise for ngelist intentions, what the hell is the point of having blog.

For 1: Having a Blog is a NO COST
While these reasons may be shallow, but true. If you've connected to the Internet then the price for having a blog is free.
You can have one, two,three or ten blogs and you can have it all without cost.

How? Perhaps, because of the Internet you will find the services to make a free blog provided by various websites. Examples of free blog service is ( With this service, you can have a blog in minutes and free.

Worry about the design?, Do not need. Many other services such as ( which provides free design that you can use. Need file storage space? Do not be confused, there are services such as free file space ( where you can put your files.

Want to blog more interactive you again, do not worry there are givers facilities Guest Book (, facility providers Comments ( or facilities Tag Board which you can use on the Internet.

Need help in making Blog? Layangkan email to Blogger community (the owners blog) on Blogger where ready to assist you.

In essence, there is no risk in a blog, there is no fee you out, and you have nothing to lose. Having a blog is free.

For 2: Having a Blog is EASY

Make a blog is easy. For example, the process of making blog at almost identical to the process of making a free email at Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail. You need to do is fill out some information about you, select the design you want and in a short time you will have your own blog.

For the first stage, you do not need to know about HTML, the language used to create a website (although if you know, it'll help a lot), you do not need an expert in the field of web design, and you do not even need to know first about making websites , programming languages and others.

All you need is a basic ability to understand English. Willingness to follow instructions and ask and a big desire to have a blog. :) With this capital is guaranteed, in a short time you have to have your own blog, because it makes it very easy blog.

For 3: Blog suitable for ANYBODY

Because of the simplicity of the concept is suitable for anyone who has a blog. You're probably a programmer who wants to retain records and links to websites about programming. You may be a journalist where you blog, you make a place to store records coverage edited by an editor you. You may be a potential author who was trying to find the uniqueness and style of writing you own. You may be a poet, athlete, students, secretaries, office workers, businessmen. Blog suitable for everyone.

Blogs can be a website that talks about the things that you like it. If you're a Football fan, then you can you blog dedicated to discussing football. The contents of the schedule can match, football news, articles, links to websites football.

If you are a designer, your blog can make a place to store the results as a portfolio of your design. If you are looking for a job, use the blog to keep your resume, any time there you may be found by people who want to give you a job.

If you are a housewife, a blog, you can record your daily. Shopping list. Things to do, record family birthdays, or diary little progress.

And the blog you can also make your work record. If you work in the field of finance, for example, any news, articles, or websites related to your field, you can enter in your blog and will itself neatly follow regular time where you update it.

Blog suitable for women, men, boys, girls, high school kids, students, old and young. Blog suitable for anyone, because you are going to control your blog and make it what you want.

For 4: Blog gives you SENSE OF PURPOSE

Having a blog gives you a sense of purpose. This is very useful especially if we are often stuck with the daily routine and feel like a loss of direction and purpose.

Nature of the blog makes you feel the need to fill it with the entry of a new blog entry, so the blog just be a distraction free time does not bother, say the short-term projects you personally.

Having a blog makes you have something to "care" and maintained. Something you watch and you see grow. When you have the blog then you'll often find yourself you think, what would I write the blog today? What can I add? Perhaps the pages require a new design or perhaps you have a friend who left a comment on your blog entry last. You give your blog feed with your writings, and usually unnoticed once you tibat are celebrating the 1 year you have a blog.

For 5: Having the ability to train our blog THINK

There is a general expression that said, the plan is not a plan if there is in the head. The plan becomes a plan when you write it.

With a blog and fill it with the routine so you get used to formulate what you want to write. In this way you train and get used to build the structure you with good thoughts for others to understand what you want to convey. You plan and you put it in writing that can be understood easily.

There is no requirement that a Blogger must be a great thinker, but with a lot of practice and habit of thinking and communicating, it was not possible not long before we'll see many famous writers and thinkers of genius born out of habit of writing blog.

For 6: Blog frees you to SHARE and expression

In Blogland you free to do anything. There's only you and your blog itself. Whatever you feel, sad, upset, happy, happy, in love, broken love, been left out, left out, all you can for you and can you ekrepesikan in Blog.

A writer may take days to write beautiful sentences full of meaning. A journalist may have several times returned to her desk and rewrite because the writing is not received by the Editor. But in Blogland, whatever you write, and about anything, all you can pour freely in your blog.

Opportunity to share and place of this expression, not to mention plus its free, make blog, not only to nourish the soul but also present as an appropriate medium in the era in which to share and express themselves freely is a luxury.

When you express, you could be anyone in your Blog. You can imagine the wild and choose a character totally different with the character you dikeseharian. On the other hand when you share, you could reveal the contents of your head and heart you with honest honest to others and most importantly in your own self.

There is no editor in blogland, there is no teacher or scorer. Whatever you write, express and share, in seconds can be out there, and read by so many people.

For 7: Community Bloggers

Once you have a blog and become a Blogger do not miss the opportunity to become part of the Blogger community. Blogger Indonesia itself has a fairly active community communicate with each other. There are mailing BlogBugs ( where you can join in it and there is also a forum Bloggerian ( where the Blogger discussing almost any topic .

Both of them are where the Blogger Indonesia interact with each other than in their own blog. You can ask and ask for assistance on your blog there, exchanging information and an appointment mebuat. Even BlogBugs in late May 2003 to establish the first National Blogger Gathering, held at the Peak, which was attended by about 60 Bloggers from Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta and other cities.

As a Blogger, you'll find yourself you find new friends, read the stories of the Blogger Indonesia, which not only live in Indonesia, but also throughout the world.

Find friends new bloggers who have similar interests with you. You will find that Blogger has the same favorite authors, who have been watching the same movie, or like the same kind of music.

Own Blog, open your world into a community that has their own characteristics, that is (almost) all members of this community have a blog where they share some of their lives in it.

For 8: Blogs are "The New Media" on the Internet

After starting from the end of last 90'an triggered by the service have a free blog like and 9-11 events in America, Blog gradually become the new alternative media are calculated.

The debate about whether the blog can replace mass media established still continues, was in the media establishment itself every week there are always new articles that discuss Blog and development.

From the initial shape, Blogs have evolved in such a way. On the Internet today we can find PhotoBlog (blog whose contents photos only), AudioBlog (blog whose contents sound recordings), a blog about music, movies, books, technology. Blog about the mass media, television. Even Blog about Blog.

From all over the world come and carve a blogger mayanya the road together on the Internet. There is a collection of Blog Asia (, Iraqi blogger (, Europe, Africa. And in various languages English, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Sundanese, Javanese. recorded more than 1500 new bloggers sign up at the service every day.

Blogs are a recent phenomenon. The blog is how the email in the 90's. In the not too distant future, your friends will not only ask, "what you email address?", But he would also ask "what you blog address?".

Having a blog so will be your identity for you that on the Internet. If current Rene Descartes rise from the grave, then he might say: I'm blogging, so I was there. :)

If email is your mailbox on the Internet, the blog is a mix of homes, public spaces, notebooks, diaries and the mirror of your own self on the Internet.

Well that's the main reason for the 8th pick the blog and become a Blogger. So, waiting for? Start building your blog and become a Blogger right now. :) To help you start following you can temuka free blog service list from the already mentioned above:

Services make Blog:
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