The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Ways of Getting Traffic to Your Blog

Posted by Hari Sobri

Actually I embarrassed posting this article, because I am fairly new to blogging, but what could I do, based on the knowledge I can from friends and bloggers I like to share a little knowledge.

Every blogger dreams about it. Because the amount of natural backlinks to increase, your authority will increase. But the problem here is, are they natural backlinks really worth it? The answer is yes. This is a kind of circle. The higher the number of backlinks you have, the higher the authority, and the higher your authority, the more natural you will get a backlink.

In my blogging career, I've learned only two ways to get good backlinks: hard work and patience. With hard work I mean the content that you write. Blog like SixRevisions and Hongkiat is among the most popular design blog. If you visit them, you'll realize the reason: that publishes many high-quality content on a very frequent basis.

Some tips make comments on other blogs:

1. Try to be the first to leave a comment. Obviously it requires you to be pro-active or have a bit of luck.

2. Try to ask questions in your comments. This is 100% proven way to get traffic. But of course I did not tell you to ask "How are you doing mate?" But something that will make readers think and encourage them to visit your blog.

3. Try to stay simple. Never write a long comment. No one had time to read comments by someone who they do not even know.

Forum is always a good way to bring traffic to your blog. You can ask questions related to your blog there, or you can insert your signature as your link there.

Things to remember:

1. Do not ever ask questions in vain just to get some additional traffic. There is always intelligent people who can ban you from the forum forever.

2. When you place your blog link in your signature, try to use some eye catching anchor text. For example, "How do I get a few extra dollars working part-time" sounds a lot better than "Click here to get the money".

3. To take maximum advantage of the forum, being organized. Devote 5 minutes each day to post there or start a new thread. This means that 5 * 30 = 150 minutes per month. This can make you at least 300 visitors per month and very good in the long run.

Twitter has always been a very good friend of me to get Traffic. Most of the traffic depends on the type of content that you write. Twitter traffic was crazy about social media. If you write something like "10 tips that can make you rich singing" then I'm sure you'll be glad to retweet your followers.

One thing I really like about Twitter is that your article that never get attention on the social bookmarking sites can also make you a lot of traffic.

TIP: Twitter you will only pay off if you regularly. Try starting from 10 minutes a day and keep ReTweeting goods. Most of your followers will respond to you and your link will also RT.

Search Engine
This does not require clarification. But before you start your blog, you have to decide whether you really want organic traffic or not. If you do, you'll need to play around with SEO. Also keep in mind that some blogs will naturally perform better than others as far as organic traffic. This usually happens with technology related blogs, for example.
Buying links

If you are truly passionate about blogging and follow the "natural standard" black hat without any tricks, then buy a link is BAD. Period!
Social Bookmarking

There are several ways of looking at things. Some people think it's good and some people think it's bad. Let us know the reason why so.

Why social bookmarking traffic is bad for my blog?
Social bookmarking traffic is very intelligent. If you try to make money with contextual ads like Adsense, for example, you will see that the secret of traffic would be very bad, if at all ..

And why the social bookmarking traffic is good for my blog?
This does not have a brain. More traffic means people like your content. Imagine if even 1% of visitors a link to the article from their blog. Also, imagine if 1% of the people who visit your blog for the first time become your customers.

TIP: If you want to have success with social bookmarking sites, working on the quality of your book. They really can make or break your social media success.

Family and Friends
If you accidentally ask your mom to visit your blog and check out some freaky stuff in there, then I think you need to go back to Blogging School and try harder.

On the other hand, it also depends on your niche. If you write about cats and dogs and the content you create a family and your friends at least smile, then you've done a very good job.

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