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Posted by Hari Sobri provides services to member Offline Gmail email. Is Gmail Offline, such as the Offline penguna Gmail means you can open the email that you have downloaded and stored in the computer. The next email from can be read without an internet connection. Google tried to take another step with facilities against Microsoft that provides e-mail feature with Exchange software.

Gmail Offline With the facility, then the email can be read without an internet connection. Looks like your web Gmail, only existing data already stored to computer hard drive. If you need the latest email update, simply connect the computer and retrieve data from Gmail again.

Setting Gmail Offline, very easy. Below is the setting for the WEB before you install the program to your own computer.

Come up to and then click Web Settings section. And select the Labs.

Activate by clicking the Enable the Offline menu.


Save your new setting and proceed to step 2 to activate the feature request Gmail Offline. Just click the Offline a signed version 0.1


Later will come a web of Gears.Google.Com. This software is required to be downloaded by Google and are responsible for doing the Sync data between your local computer and email data in Gmail via the Internet.

Approve a request from the Google Gear and the last process you are requested to download the software for Gmail Offline.



Installing software to a computer Gmail (Google Gears)

When finished downloading the Google Gear software, run the software Gear.

Google Gear to recall your email data from web Gmail into a local computer hard disk do not install the software Gear to the public computers such as internet cafe. Because Gear software to automatically retrieve data system from Gmail into the computer. People could have your email visible to others when the computer is not connected to the Internet.


Finished installing, you are asked to choose for the creation of Gmail Icons Software Gear Offline through Google. 3 choices such as the creation of Icon Gear software to Google Desktop, Startup or Quick Launch bar.


The final stage of the process of Gmail web email to Gmail Offline

When finished downloading and installing the Google software Gear. Continue with the final stage to match the data between the data from the Gmail website to the local computer.

Relationship computer to the Internet (online), then you click the top of the Gmail web screen, to request data from the software Sync to Web Gear Gmail. Completed the process you may kill your internet connection.


Running Gmail Offline will look like the picture below. After the process of data retrieval from the web Gmail. Then all your emails will be stored on computer hard drives, while the primary email data stays on the web Gmail storage.

To read the Gmail Offline you can just enter your email login name, and do not require a password like below image display. Furthermore your email which had only opened over the web base Now it is in your computer hard drive.


Sync perform data matching or data between the data on the Web Gmail with computer

To equate the data from Gmail on the Web with the local computer. You must be connected back to the internet. Back activate Google Gears software and Gmail email Gmail will open via the Web.

Google Gears will menditeksi whether computers are connected to the Internet or not. When not connected to the Internet it will menaktifkan Gears Gmail Offline. When the computer is connected to the Internet then the software will activate email Gears Gmail through Gmail Web.

To make the equation or Sync data, you simply enter the Gmail website. At the top right of the picture there is a green bottle. But the right-click to perform the data Sync Gmail


Whenever necessary features of Gmail Offline

When an email from you receive lots of emails and trouble to read one by one email through the web, while the Internet connection is not always Online. Gmail Offline can be used

Or you do not choose the time to read an email from Gmail in one by one, and chose to retrieve email data only from the web Gmail. So Gmail Offline can be used as an alternative.

Gmail Offline restrict sending mail to 10 thousand emails that can be taken, with the latest mail order

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