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C is a high-powered programming (powerful) and the flexibility that has been widely used by proffesional programmers to develop programs that vary widely in various fields. But before you learn more about C language and its implementation, you should know in advance the components and basic knowledge of computer programming knowledge.

What Is a Computer?

For those of you who are beginners in the world of computer programming, you might ask what exactly is meant by a computer program? Computer program is nothing but a software (software) that is used for purposes specific applicable in the field, both in the corporate environment, education, or the other. The software is actually a code runs programs written in one particular programming language and has been compiled by the compiler in accordance with the programming language. Thus, to create a software or commonly known as "Program", we of course must have the skills and mastering one particular programming language.

What is Compiler?
Compiler (compiler) can be interpreted as a translator, means the collection of program code written in a particular programming language will be translated by a compiler into assembly language; which would then be recognized by the computer (in this case the engine) so the computer will be able to respond we request to do something consistent with what we ordered.

But not all programming languages can dikompilas in one particular compiler, that is a compiler will only recognize certain languages only, according to which has been made by the creator of the compiler. For example, you can not compile programs written in C language in the pascal compiler, nor vice versa. But as for your knowledge that for all C + + compiler, but used to compile programs written in C++, the compiler can also be used to compile the program code written in C.

Why Using language C?
As was stated earlier that there are now lots of high-level programming language (High Level Language). Like Pascal, BASIC, COBOL, and others. However, most of the proffesional programmers still choose the language C as a superior language, the following reasons:
- Language C is a powerful language and the flexibility that has been shown to solve large programs such as making the operating system, word processing, image processing (such as creating a game) and also making a compiler for a new programming language.
- Language C is a portable language that can run on several different operating systems. As an example we write the program in the Windows operating system can be compiled on the Linux operating system with little or no change at all.
- Language C is a language that is modular, ie composed of a certain routine that routine is called by the function (function) and these functions can be reused to manufacture other programs without having to rewrite their implementation.
- Language C is a middle level language (middle Level Language) so it is easy to make interfacing (programming interface) to hardware (hardware).

Framework Program Language C

any program written in C must have a primary function, called main (). This function will be called the first time during the program execution process. means if we have other functions besides the main function, then these other functions will be called at the time of use. Function main () can return the value 0 to the operating system which means that the program worked well without any errors.

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