Upload to web server

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Upload to web server

Once you register on one free server, then the last step so that the web pages you can see all the people are uploading or sending files to the web server.

There are two ways used to send the file to a web server, which is directly through the browser or via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). For that you need to know which method is supported by your web server. For instance, use the browser to upload, use FTP while to be able to use a browser or FTP. Which will be discussed here is to send files using FTP.

Software that can be used is WAS FTP or CuteFTP. (do not be confused with FTP with WAS FTP or CuteFTP. FTP is a protocol used to connect to the web server, while WAS FTP or CuteFTP is the software used to connect to the web server. In short WS_FTP and CuteFTP is software that supports the FTP protocol to connect with the web server).

For these steps we provide below using CuteFTP software and web server You can apply these steps in WS_FTP or other FTP software and other web servers, because the principle is the same.

1. From the FTP menu select Quick Connect.
2. Fill in the fields host address, user ID and password provided by the web server to you. If the instance hosts address =, user id = winfolder, password = sda45sddf.
3. Click OK.
4. Wait a few moments until CuteFTP to successfully connect to the web server.
5. If the connection succeeded dialog box will appear containing information. Just click OK.
6. Now you see on the right hand column. It is a folder located on your web server. Appears public_html folder named. Double-click the folder. Well, in that folder you should put your files.
7. The left column is the location of the file on your computer. For that move to the folder where you save the files to be uploaded.
8. Block is the file that you uploaded, then right click and select upload.
9. It's finished the upload process.
10. In addition, you can create a folder / directory on the new web server. The way right click on the right hand column, select the Make Directory, click OK.
11. For other commands you can learn yourself

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