Cable Management Tips for Computers

Posted by Hari Sobri

Computers are getting more advanced, especially wireless technology and connectivity, but it will probably be some time until a complete wireless office is a reality. Until then, computer work areas are going to need cable management for optimum safety and visual acceptance.

Cable management includes clamping, labeling and routing. There are various products to bundle cables together:

  • Spiral Wrapping – This can be wrapped around cables without disconnecting them. It is flexible so routing of the bundle is easy
  • FLEXO WRAP - A hook and loop expandable sleeve designed for quick and easy bundling and protection of wire, cable
  • Cable Ties – These are nylon ties available in various lengths and colors. They can just bundle a group of cables or secure to another item
  • Velcro® Ties – These are similar to cable ties, but using Velcro®. Some have a mounting hole to secure to a something solid
  • Cable Management Box – Made from plastic and holds up to seven cables. About 15” in length and 4” wide with self-adhesive sticker for mounting
  • Clips & Clamps – There are various individual clips and clamps to mount cables to a stationary object

To start cable management, group cables generally going to the same destination. Don’t bundle power cables with data cables if the run is more than a few feet. The electrical field from a power cable can sometime interfere with data signals (USB, network, printers, etc)

Next, secure the cables together with tie or wrap. Pay attention to routing since bundling a group of cables together sometime requires a cable to be longer than it actually is.

If there is a surge protector, position it for easy routing of power cables. Power adapter units sometime take two spaces when plugging into a power strip. Use a universal power cord adapter to alleviate the problem. This is a one foot power cord extension that allows the power adapter to be located about a foot from the power strip allowing use of all the receptacles.

After implementing cable management, all the cables will be more secure and look a lot better!

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