How to encrypt USB drives

Posted by Hari Sobri

(ALL Knowledge) - As a cheap and efficient device to move data between computers, a USB drive is a good choice to store your valuable and vital data. But the only problem is when the USB drive with sensitive information gets lost or stolen! It may be a disaster to you because the lost or stolen USB drive may lead to the leakage of your privacy or your confidential company data.

Fortunately, USB encryption software which enables you to encrypt USB drive can help you avoid the disaster. Personally I recommend Wondershare USB Drive Encryption for its strong protection for USB drives. It allows you to create a resizable and password protected secure area on USB drive for your vital data. And you can easily access to the data on encrypted area with correct password in any computer without it installed. Besides, it is easy to use. Read the following steps, and you’ll find how easily to encrypt USB drive with the encryption tool.

Step 1: Download Wondershare USB Drive Encryption from here and follow the step-by-step guidance to install it in your computer.

Step 2: Start Wondershare USB Drive Encryption and plug-in your USB drive into computer
Note: Please remember to backup the files on the drive before encrypting your USB drive because the software will format your USB drive automatically during encryption.

Step 3: Select your target USB drive and set the size of secure area, and then click Install.

Step 4: Set user name and a password of six characters at least in length for secure area, click OK.
The password should be easy for you to remember while hard for others to guess. And you’ll never get it back if you forget it.

A secure area has been created on USB drive which means the USB drive is encrypted. So now you can store all your personal data like credit card information, your online banking passwords or anything for that matter on your encrypted USB drive without anything to worry about.

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