How to Speed Up Windows & Make it Run Extremely Fast

Posted by Hari Sobri

Windows might be two of the most advanced computer systems in the World, but its still liable to jogging slowly. This is a problem which even the most advanced of systems are unable to keep away from & is actually caused by a simple part of your PC. Here's how to fix it.

The real 'secret' behind speeding up your PC is to fix all the errors that it's. The problem with plenty of Windows systems is that whenever you use it, files inside the 'registry database' are continually being corrupted, making them difficult to read. These files contain the settings that your computer needs every time you use it - with such information as your latest emails, desktop wallpaper & settings being kept in there.

Not plenty of people realize this,but in order to get your computer jogging fast again (like new) is to actually recreate the conditions that your PC had when it was new & able to run quickly. & this is all down to the amount of errors that your method had at that time. New computers had little or no errors on them, meaning that whenever you used the method, it could find the files & open the settings it wanted without any hassle. However, as your PC grows older, it starts to create increasingly errors which slow it down.

The 'registry' is the main cause of computers that run slow, because of the way that it is used & how it is treated. Every application application & program on your computer needs to use plenty of different registry files each time they load, meaning that whenever you use your PC, 100's of settings from the registry database are being used. This is all right, but because so plenty of files are open at once, Windows ends up saving plenty of of them in the wrong way, leading them to become damaged & corrupted. & this is what makes your PC run slow - because the next time Windows wants to open these files, it cannot read them & has to take longer to method them.

Think of the registry as a phone directory with all of its listings in the wrong order. That is what slows your computer down - because it is constantly corrupting more registry files, making your PC run slower every time you use it. Fortunately, fixing this problem is actually simple thanks to the invention of registry cleaners. These are application programs which scan through the registry database & fix any corrupt or invalid settings that are slowing your PC down. Depending on how plenty of errors your computer has, these registry tools can improve PC performance dramatically. You ought to download two & then use the demo to see how plenty of errors your method has. If it's over 500 errors, then its worth using the gizmo to remove them all.

You can speed up Windows and make it run like it did when it was new by getting a good registry cleaner.

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