Setting Modem D-Link ADSL 2545b

Posted by Hari Sobri

How yach how the setting?

Steps should be done in setting the D-Link ADSL modem which connects a computer course prior to the Modem port and NIC port on the computer. Next steps:

1. After the settings on the Connection Setup to enter the IP Defaul Modem

ADSL Modem Default IP is

2. But here I use the IP Modem

3. Little explanation of how IP addresses on the Computer Settings

a. Click Start>> Control Panel>> Network Connections

b. Double-click Local Area Connection and Select TCP / IP Properties

c. Enter the IP address

d. Click OK to close the Protocol TCP / IP

e. Check the Show Icon to bring up the Connection Icon

4. Setting Modem ADSL D-Link in Web Browser

There are How many yach Web Browser?

From what I know there are plenty of Web browsers that are often used once but most people have one of four Web Browser:

1. Explorer Internet

2. Mozilla Firefox

3. Google Crome

4. Opera

Next to the Modem Settings in Web Browser. Lets Go ...

1. Open Internet Explorer Web browser either on the Start menu or on the Desktop Shortcut OK>> Click <<

2. Type the IP modem is that we had the setting at the gateway is>> Enter <<

3. Enter your Username and Password Defaul ADSL Modem D-Link are:

a. Username: admin

b. Password: admin>> Enter <<

4. Once inside the D-Link Web

5. There are several items on the left corner, which we use>> Adnvanced Setup <<

6. On the Advanced Setup to select the WAN settings of your ISP Username and Password

7. On Wide Area Network, you can create a new with the click>> Add <<

8. Next click on the ATM PVC because we will use>> VPInya = 0 and VCInya = 35 <<

9. On the Connection Type you select a>> PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) <
10. In PPP username and password enter your username and password from your ISP

11. At>> Enable IGMP Multicast, and WAN Service <

Setting the LAN on the web D-Link

1. Once logged on LAN Settings on the D-Link Web

2. Enter the IP Address, IP Modem Subnetmask to change, the IP Address and Subnetmask columns and check or mark the>> Standard Mode <<

3. Enter Client IP like that mean the other client will get IP addresses from if using DHCP

4. Check>> Enable DHCP Server <
Now we've done two of the WAN and LAN settings, more Apdol let us also set DNS Server from Telkom is and is by going to>> control <
1. Enter at>> Primary DNS server <> econdary DNS server <<

2. Click Next to agree

Well, finally finished setting also deh ADSL Modem D-Link 2545b.

There are a few tips to check the connection:

1. Checking or PING to IP Modem

2. Checking or PING to IP example Site

Next, you can surf ria in Web Browser you are using either Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and others.

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