Opera 10.50 beta brings faster JavaScript

Posted by Hari Sobri

Browsers that this one provides specific advantages than ever. Previous attempts to precede Chrome as the fastest web browser today. Opera provides security facility frameworks and allows developers to create widgets that run as separate processes and could even exist outside the Web browser.

Opera beta to version 2 from 10:50 to elegant enough, because they do not need to localhost xampp menambahka in making websites ofline. With the addition of widgets that seem interesting enough to make light of Akselarasinya previous versions and support for Javascript.

Tops on the list is a new JavaScript engine, dubbed the "discussed" that claims the Opera walked eight times faster than Opera 10's. Also under the tent is a better adherence to Web standards like HTML5 and CSS 3 and the new "Vega" high-performance graphics library.

There are also some special tweak the Mac, thanks to the underlying Opera Cocoa frameworks, including the toolbar unfied, native UI widgets, Growl support, and multi-touch gesture compatible MacBook and MacBook Pro. And the new Opera Widgets platform seems like a response to Firefox and Chrome's extension framework, allows developers to create widgets that run as separate processes and could even exist outside the Web browser.

In front, 10.50 Opera sports a number of new end user features such as search engines easily adjusted, a more intelligent address field search capabilities and the ability to delete a page from history, private browsing window or tab, increase the find - on the page, the ability , and dialog boxes that appear as a layer of pages, which allows you to switch between pages or windows without having to interrupt your browsing.

10.50 opera beta 1 is a free download; it requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later running on Intel-based Macs. Companies are more promising improvements that will come beta.

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