10 Tips In any PC Problems Part 1

Posted by Hari Sobri

Problematic when the PC starts, it is not brought directly to the craftsman service. Is not better if we know how to solve problems on our PC?

1. Try to restart the PC
2. Understanding the source of the problem
3. Do not expect too much
4. Read the manual
5. Complete with its own problems
6. Collecting Information
7. Do not waste time and money
8. Try to remain calm
9. Provide full support
10.Contact technical support

Of course, you feel confused with the 10 PC troubleshooting tips. For more information you can read the detail.
Before continue reading and serious with 10 Tips to study the problem on the PC. You can comment on this article. Okey this is the 10 Tips In going on the PC.

1. Try to restart the PC
This is the easiest way, but often ignored by PC users.
Sometimes Windows can fix errors in the system with only me to restart the PC. When you press the button "Start - Turn Off Computer" does not work, simply press the "reset" on the panel PC. To turn off the PC manually, press and hold the power key for several seconds (less than 10 seconds).

2. Understanding the source of the problem
Restart can not finish all your PC problems. Therefore, there are some things to remember when the PC is facing serious problems. The question How do symptoms of the PC? Such as whether the PC should be running? When is the last time the software is running properly? When the problem first appear? What's changed since then? When you have found a problem with your PC. Then you can be predicted that the error occurred.

3. Do not expect too much
Friend must be aware that the PC have limitations. Too many PC that can be considered good and this year is expected to be able to run the program now. Electronic computer is not static, things such as microwave and DVD Player. He is always changing and growing quickly, so the PC is working better with the last year will have the same performance in the face at the moment. Program a more sophisticated, increasingly complex computing process that must be executed by the PC. Please always remember that the demand in the system software must be treated as a minimum requirement must be fulfilled by PC users. Therefore, the greater capacity of the PC, the performance will occur both on the PC.

4. Read the manual
Sometimes the problem is actually finding a solution and has been described in the help menu, FAQs, manuals, the manufacturers of the website, or in online forums. The best way, but need more time to search for it among the topics in the forum. Although it looks very difficult and takes time, this may be the only helper at the time we faced a problem occurs. Moreover, if technical support also failed to identify the problems faced.

5. Complete with its own problems
When you need to find the answers, which have tried to apply himself. However, if the solution requires a level of expertise, there is a good idea to contact technical support. If the problem is the damage to software, to install the software will be easier than the search for the file. In addition, this method was successful for almost all problems in the software.

Information tips to the 6 to 10 can be seen in the next post

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