10 Tips In any PC Problems Part 2

Posted by Hari Sobri

Previously we have discussed the 5 tips to overcome the problem PC, then we will discuss the points to up to 6 points to 10.

Is there a previous question in you?

Why These tips should be cut first and why not just posted on the previous post.

I want to try to analyze again if you still mengangingat 5 tips before?

Next is a tip to the 6 to 10 in dealing with PC problems

6. Collecting Information
Before contacting technical support, make sure all the information that can help when they try to solve the problem that occurred on the PC. Some information about what is happening on the PC like an error message that appears on the screen or sound strange on the PC. Can provide useful assistance for technical support. Others needed to reach them is the product name and version, operating system that uses, hardware specification, and purchasing card products. Therefore, always keep all the things that get better when or purchase a PC, such as warranty cards, cables and installation CD.

7. Do not waste time and money
When you are sure the problem is the hardware? it's good to open the cover and check the CPU, before contacting technical support. Especially if they are paid to the calculation of the time (minutes or hours). In addition, check the trivial things that can make a computer usually can not function as loose electrical connections. Feel very incompetent, if only because such issues must be paid.

8. Attempting to Relax
Cried technical support staff will not be able to overcome the problem PC. Friend must be aware that they are also the people who really do not know that you can solve everything. Sometimes, third-party software can cause the PC to the problem and this is not the expertise of the staff of technical support products available. Therefore, do not expect technical support staff on the PC, you can overcome problems caused by software downloaded from the Internet and causing damage to the PC.

9. Provide full support
Be prepared to work with the technical support staff. Friends can not overcome the problem on the PC if you are far away from the PC when to contact them. Leaving the computer and ready to accept and follow the instructions provided.
10. Contact technical support
When contacting technical support is the only way to solve the problem on the PC, there are a few tips to remember:

  • Ask the full name of the staff, technical support
  • Documentation to be contacted for a phone number, date, time and talk
  • Request the name of the existing cases, so easy to get more support in the future if the problem recurred again
  • Note you can solve the problem PC. If the problem recurred again another time, please follow the live record.
These tips are posting on my blog a long-buried and I try to share again. What I experienced and learned. Hope can be useful.

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