Feel the benefits of Windows 7

Posted by Hari Sobri

Windows Windows 7 is released a few months ago, and already quite a lot of Windows xp users who switch to Windows 7 because they advantages and fiture presented by Windows 7.
Although windows Windows 7 is quite elegant and dynamic, ranging from the style and fiture more friendly to users, so as to bring a sense of comfort to the user.
Lots of advantages of Windows 7, but 11 will be explained here owned by the benefits of Windows 7 in accordance with what has been described by Microsoft in mid-November 2009 earlier in the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta.
  1. Windows Taskbar is updated
  2. Jump List
  3. Snap, Shake, Peek
  4. Windows Touch
  5. Home Group
  6. Fastern on, Fastern off
  7. Windows Live Essentials
  8. Internet Explorer 8
  9. Windows Search
  10. Web Slices
  11. Parental Control

# Windows 7 Excess
  1. The boot / Shutdown Faster
  2. power consumption CPU, hard disk (HD) and system memory required fewer services
  3. Prefetching optimizes both for HD and SSD
  4. Better view in terms of outstanding 3 demensinya
  5. Features sekurity really tight.

# Lack of Windows 7
  1. Some applications can not operate in Windows 7
  2. A bug in Windows Media Player 12
  3. There is hardware that can be immediately recognized in Vista, but not in Windows 7
  4. It's hard to force the previous software could be forced to install in Vista, also installed in Windows 7

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